Future Airline Travel After COVID 19 Will be Touchless

Future Airline Travel After COVID 19 Will be Touchless

Coronavirus has upended International travel as well as brought the entire world to the standstill. For the first time in history, nearly 90% of the global population now lives in countries with several travel restrictions. Travel companies, tourism sector, and airlines, as a whole, are one of the most influenced businesses. You will travel again, however, it won’t be the same. Even if the borders reopen, travelers should trust that boarding the flight is secure as well as that they will be capable of entering the destination country. New health security systems and protocols regarding Airline ticket reservation and a lot of other things will be required to be in place, as well as these are not completely defined.

How air travel would be after COVID19?

  • The quickest along with maybe most visible modification will be the shift to a touchless travel journey from the airport curbside to the hotel check-in.
  • Even with rigid cleaning formalities in place, interchanging travel documents as well as touching Airline tickets and the surface by security, check-in, boarding, and border control still display a relevant infection risk for both staff and travelers.
  • The availability of boarding passes has been there for some years, however, the COVID-19 reaction will see the trend turn out to be all-encompassing as this industry goes touchless.
  • There is a high probability that touchscreens at the check-in kiosks will be out.
  • They will be replaced by the biometrics systems i.e., face recognition since touching the physical aspects in the airports becomes the big no-no.
  • Through biometrics, staff can identify the passengers at the journey points like boarding or check-in without touching a screen.

Touchless travel-Future Air Travel

This will also include the self-service baggage check-in kiosks along with even waiting in the queues while the luggage does not arrive on the carousel. Everything will be performed through applications, while the latest cloud-based services will assist airports and airlines to be more scalable and flexible. Open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) will unlock the required data for the mobile boarding passes, security, and baggage check-in along with tagging, baggage claims, transfers, and boarding.

  • Across the whole sector, automation will become the latest norm.
  • Once you are done with your Tour Package Bookings, at the airport, biometrics will become more widespread for your identification as hand scanners and physical fingerprints are phased out.
  • More touch less alternatives will come into play which includes face and iris recognition, contact-less fingerprint.
  • Furthermore, the technology for touch-less data-entry like touch less document scanning, voice commands, and gesture control is being tested already.

However, care should be taken for ensuring the inclusivity of these technologies as well as to remove any risk of the potential biases. Needless to say, your onboard experience will grow, as well as a few things you are currently experiencing and seeing won’t last forever, while a few have come to stay for a long time. Nonetheless, one thing is guaranteed that passengers and airlines alike will need to adjust to a new reality, till more permanent solutions are found.

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